Some useful vocabulary

Sometimes science has great terms for things we already know by experience!

Cognitive Disfluency: the subjective feeling of difficulty associated with any mental task. Disfluency occurs when information is costly–perhaps it takes a lot of effort to understand a concept, or a name is unfamiliar and therefore difficult to say.

My level of cognitive disfluency seems to go way up when I have a cold; guess I'd better stick to practicing slow and simple things today!

Procedural Memory: The type of memory associated with skills learned through repetition, requiring little thought to execute; as opposed to explicit memory, which deals with facts and experiences.

I've practiced my scales so much this year, they're just about locked into my procedural memory!

Expertise-induced amnesia: When using highly trained skills (procedural memory) , the practitioner has no specific memory or ability to explain details of the actions performed. 

I have no idea what happened during my last recital, but the audience seemed to like it. Guess I have expertise-induced amnesia!